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Ghost Orchids .. Dendrophylax lindenii

I bought these from a reputable nursery in Illinois. I have five total, but I would only be willing to sell 3 I think. They should grow well in a vivarium. They are mounted to wood with fishing line. I would repack and send them in the mail exactly as they were shipped to me. They like high humidity, no airflow (stagnant air), and low to medium light (exactly like the inside of everyone's vivarium). google them. these are the famous orchids that were in the movie adaptation and the orchid thief. I also, have some medusa orchids (Cirrhopetalum medusae). they are fast growers and grow like a vine. pics available upon request. I would trade for frogs or other plants. I want one or two bumblebee dart frogs, i have one leuc. or just ask if interested. i could throw in some money on a trade too, to even things out, depending on the trade. but i don't want to just sell for money.

do you have any of these left and if you do how much do you want for one and how much would shipping be to 14216


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