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Spam in private messaging.
Unfortunately new users are signing up, waiting the grace period, then spamming individuals. They are going out of their way to do this since it's only hitting selected users. My resources are a little limited on this matter. I am not a gmail or hotmail. If you forward me the posts, I will do my best to delete these users. Seems more people have free time these days. Another alternative would be to get rid of private messaging altogether. Feel free to voice this alternative.
Keep the pms.
Take the good with the bad.
Brian T. Sexton
I agree, keep the pm's. Id rather just delete the bad as long as the workload is not too much for you?
Everyday I meet someone I dislike, are you today's pick? If you dislike me it's because somethings wrong with you!

Don't Be A Hybridiot!
I've had two such pms in the last month, and, though annoying, they aren't the end of the world or anything.
So long as people know not to click on them (cause usually such things are a good way to get a virus) it's not a big deal.
Brian T. Sexton
keep the pms. i have recieved 3 total since i have been here. 2 were recent. i just delete them.
lol I feel left out, I haven't gotten any.
OH i have had a few but like brian suggested..keep the pm's they are deleted instantly not a big dealWink

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