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T5 Lighting and Dart Frogs


I have a planted 29 gallon that I am looking to turn into a Paludarium. (Maybe PDF's in the future). My question is, does anyone currently use T5 fixtures in their tanks? The only info I have found that references lighting mentions T8's, but I don't want to have to change my lighting when I convert the tank.


T-5's are my favorite lighting option at the moment. Lots of light, high effeciency, compact footprint.
One T-5 HO over your 29 may be enough, 2 would definatly be plenty.

Basicly you can use any light you want as long as it doesn't make the tank too hot.

Brian T. Sexton

I just put a Sun Blaze T5 28 High Output Fluorescent (2 ft 8 lamp 24watt/2,000 lumens each) 192 Watts Total on my 100 gallon Viv, the lighting is awesome, I highly recommended using T5 HO.

I have tried lots and lots of lighting options and nothing beats a good old shop light with T8 bulbs in it. I like using a 5000k and a 6700k bulb in each one. The 4' light is about $8 and the bulbs are $3 each. If 4' is too long, buy more tanks to put under it. :-)

It works for my orchid forum, and there's a plugin for phpbb.

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