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Great selection of frogs!
Great selection of frogs!

Alpha Pro Breeders: Here is a quick list of what we have available.

Pictures can be seen our web site Alpha Pro Breeders

If you have any questions please contact me at

Bakhuis dart frogs

Very beautifil and striking dwarf tinc.

Not offered very often, these are between

4 and 5 months old.

$70.00 each

Bakhuis dart frogs $70.00 2 available

Dendrobates Blue and Black auratus

Like all Auratus these are very striking, they are 2 - 5 months old and growing really fast.

These frogs are generally easy to breed and always seem to be in demand.
Blue & Black Auratus $39.00 SALE Several available

Peacock Tree Frog $15.00

Mullers Pudgy Frog $29.00

Ole Marie Dart Frogs

Very striking frogs, not seen very often in the hobby.

These are very well started at 4+ months old.

A must have in any collection.

Ole Marie Dart Frogs $59.00

Phyllobates aurotaenia Narrow Banded " Kokoe poison dart frog"

Beautiful Call !!

Phyllobates aurotaenia $55.00

Yellow Galactonotus: Truly a remarkable frog.

The bright yellow bodies with jet black legs make this

frog a standout in any collection. Also called Yellow Splashbacks.

They will use your entire tank, they are definitely climbers. They are a

excellent choice for a group frog. My breeders came from a group of

5 and I split them up as they got older to a 1.1 group and a 1.2 group

and both groups are great breeders.

Yellow Galactonotus $50.00

Dendrobates Surinam Cobalt

These frogs are very bold and active, reaching around 2" in size.

Relatively easy to breed and keep.

Dendrobates Surinam Cobalt Sale Price $45.99 1 available

Dendrobates Citronella

One of the larger tinc species getting 2"

Very attravtive yellow with dark blue legs

Very bold and active, and usually easy to breed

Dendrobates Citronella $50.00 1 available

Phyllobates Terribilis "orange"

One of the coolest frogs on the planet.

These have the brightest orange of any

Orange Terribilis I have seen. 2-3 months old

Regularly $100.00 each

Limited time SALE NOW $89.00 EACH !!!!!!!!!

Mint Terribilis 2 - 3 months old

Very active healthy frogs $79.00 each

Actual picture of one of the frogs for

sale. Already starting to get adult coloration.

Mint Terribilis $79.00 each Several available.

Yellow Terribilis 2 - 3 months old

Just incredible colors $100.00 each

Actual pictures of some of the frogs for

sale. Starting to get adult coloration.

Yellow Terribilis $100.00

Phylobates Bi-Color "green leg version"

These are great large frogs with the males having

a beautiful call. These frogs do great in groups!

Bi-Colors 2 - 3 months old $49.00

Imitator "nominant"

Great thumbnail to start with. This was my first,

and still one of my favorite thumbnails. Easy to breed

usually laying 2 to 3 eggs at a time.


Strawberry Pumillio $125.00

I took this frog in on a trade, very bold always out and visible.

Beleived to be a male, but I personally have not heard calling.

Approximately 1 year old. Just 1 available

Strawberry Pumillio $125.00

Ranitomeya fantastica

Truly one of the most spectacular thumbnail species.

Not recommended for beginners

Ranitomeya fantastica Aprox. 8 months old $125.00 Just 1 available

French Guiana ventrimaculatus (Blue Leg Form)

Truly a beautiful frog!!!

Great frog to introduce yourself to thumbnail species.

These frogs get approximately 3/4" in size. Pretty call

These frogs will do well in small groups, very easy to breed.

French Guiana ventrimaculatus $39.00

Melanophryniscus stelzneri
Bumble Bee Toad Adults $29.00

Black Eyed Tree Frog

Agalychnis moreleti

These are sub adults / Adults

Very amazing looking frogs, a true

must have for any collector.

Black Eye Tree Frog (sub adults) Agalychnis moreleti $59.00 Just 2 available

Amazon Milk Frog (Trachycephalus resinifictrix)

They prefer mid 70's and humid tanks, just like dart frogs.

They are a month out of the water and eating 1/4" crickets.

Milk Frogs $39.00 4 available.

Cryptophylobates (hyloxalus) Azureiventris

Great medium size frogs, very active

and fun to watch. Great choice in first

frog. Easy to breed and does great in groups.

Cryptophylobates Azureiventris $29.50 Few available

Tarapoto Imitators

Mark Pepper line

2-3 months old

Incredible metallic shine to them $79.00

Orange Lamasi

2 - 3 months old

Stunning colors

great breeders

Reg. $69.00

Limited time special $49.99

Orange Lamasi $49.99

Very popular thumbnail from Peru

Great in groups and usually easy to breed.

Several available

Alpha Pro Breeders

Will trade freshwater shrimp & fish for frogs!
Several new frogs have been added.

Check them out at
Alpha Pro Breeders

Will trade freshwater shrimp & fish for frogs!
More new frogs added this week!
Alpha Pro Breeders

Will trade freshwater shrimp & fish for frogs!

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