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White Worms on tank wall and Plants
I have some very small white worms that I have noticed on the tank glass and standing straight up on some moss branches swirling about. I noticed one frog try to eat one of them off of the glass but it would not stick to his tounge and he gave up. I just wanted to check to see if anyone knew what they were and if they were a problem. I have beens searching around but haven't seen anything in pictures that look similar to what I have. Pictures are big cause the worm is kinda small. I'll post one image as an image and the rest as links since I think they will be huge. I tried to take some that focus into the plants to show a bit of the size of the worm.

[Image: IMG_7391.JPG]
Those are fine, hopefully the frogs can eat them after a while
Good to know thanks. Do you know what they are called or just that they are common?
They are called grindal worms and are fairly common. They seem to be harmless, but I have not seen any real research to show that.

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