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Bromiliad offsets - How to pot / start ?

Hi all,

I need some info about how to pot Bromiliad offsets and also how to I get them from the "mother" plant?
I have a bunch of the both in and out of tanks.

Any info/personal experiance would be great. Thanks in advance.

Now keep in mind, this is from personal experience and I 'm no botanist...
when the offsets are about 2/3 the size of the parent i figure its big enoguh to clip off. I just clip it off with a pair of pruners close to the parent as possible and then I wrapped the bottom(notice my distinct lack of technical terms) of the offset with moss and I attached it to my corkbark background. I found the long stiff stem off the offset to be helpful by pushing it into a hole in the bark to hold it in place. Or I've just shoved the stem directly into the substrate. I guess as long as the base stays moist but not soggy it takes root. I've had great success with this. the last off set i attached to the bark is shooting roots right through the moss i wrapped it into the bark and is really holding fast. another is putting off it's second offset.
Good luck.

Thanks man I'll try that most of the brom's are out of the tank so i'll just put them in some small npot or something.
I did notice your lack of technical terms thanks it was great to have it in plain english

Come on i know theres a few botanists on this forum any Ideas?

HAve you tried cutting any yet?

Not yet I have'nt had the time, I was wonderin how to separate the from the pots? I brought a bunch of cheep ones from a local nursery and nearly all had offsets(I was excited because it looks like I wont have to buy a brom for a while) will they take root if I just drill a hole in the wood and stick it in there?

yuo'll have to wrap the base of them with some moss and keep the moss moist. I used toothpicks also to help hold the off set in place. the moss should hide the tooth pick just break of the excess pick. I drilled about a 3/8 hole and wrapped the stem of the off set with a little moss and stuck it in the hole and had a bunh of moss wrapped around the the outside of the hole and jammed in to hold it in place.
Hope I helped.
If I had a digital camera I would aget a pic for ya. sorry.

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