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Hello all!
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself a little.

Ive been into dart frogs for about 6 years now, had moved my concentration away from frogs for a few years and focused more on plants. I now have over 200 varieties of plants Im growing and Im sure that number will keep growing LOL. over the past year Ive started to rebuild my frog collection a bit .

Ive joined this site in hopes to share my knowledge with fellow hobbiests as well as gain knowledge from you all.

From time to time I will be offering plants many of them quite rare, many of them common. as well as feeders, and frogs.
Im really looking forward to getting better acquainted with everyone here Smile

Hey Todd,
it good to see you on Dart Den!
Hello Todd, look forward to hearing more about your frogs and of course we all would love seeing some pics! :lol:

Since Antone is no longer in the plant game I am sure we all could use another plant guy around. :mrgreen:
"He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom" LaVey
Yes this hobby did suffer a big loss with Antone droppin out of the plant game .
Ive not made much time to do a whole lot on here yet, but Im going to try to start setting sometime aside to post plant pix and info a little bit each week before work picks up for the year(Leaving me unable to spend anytime online LOL)

Thanx for the warm welcome guys!

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