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Dendrobates tinctorius 'Bakhuis' Viv
Thought I would share a few pix with you all!
These were from back in November
[Image: DSC03832.jpg]
[Image: DSC03840.jpg]
[Image: DSC03862.jpg]

Ill try to get a few of it all grown in tomorrow!

Nice progress shots, Todd !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Some updated photos!

[Image: P2120002.jpg]

[Image: P1150079.jpg]

Calthea micans, this has been an amazing viv plant so far. slow but still filling in nicely and the frogs love to hang out under it.
[Image: P1150083.jpg]
[Image: P2120004.jpg]

Begonia 'Red Planet' I started with 3 rhizome cuttings a few months ago and they have filled in very nicely![Image: P2120006.jpg]

[Image: P2120011.jpg]

Selaginella SP Ecuador 'Bronze' very slow, Ive actually added a few pieces of this just to help it fill in a little.
[Image: P2120007.jpg]
[Image: SelaginellaSPEcuadorBronze.jpg]

[Image: P2120009.jpg]

Philodendron 'Wend-imbe'
[Image: P2120010.jpg]

Marcgravia SP growing on the stump
[Image: P2120008.jpg]
Good stuff Todd.....let's see all those newly acquired Tincs, now.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Great shots Todd. I'm curious, how are you keeping the plants in some of the first photos attached to the back wall. The Marcgravia is cool.
Actually now it is their root systems that hold them in place, until those establish tho I use plastic coated paperclips. Just push it in like a staple.

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