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Setting Up - First Tank
Before I can even consider frogs I need to get a tank. Does anybody have a tank recomendation for a tank that is 30-40 gallons and comes with a lid and a light that is suitable for plants? I also need some help with humidity. Should I get a misting system, or just mist it with a spray bottle. Also, is there a good step by step guide to creating water features. For plants and substrate I am getting the terrarium kit from Brian's Tropicals. Here's a link: I'm not sure if the links going to work. After that I'm thinking of getting some bromelaids and some riccia. Thank you very much. Smile
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I thought you already had a tank ?

If not, buy a large size Exoterra or Zoomed front-opening tank. They are superiour to "fish tanks" or aquariums for this hobby.

You do not need a misting system to start. Too $$$. A hand mister is plenty sufficient.

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Before buying a kit, you needed to decide a tank size. The kit you are looking at is designed for a 10 gallon. When choosing a tank you need to look species interested in, and space in your home for the terrarium. You will also want to look at cost of the tank. Things quickly add up. If you are wanting to go larger and don't already own a tank I would look at a 18x18x18 Exo-Terra.
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I looked at the Exo-Terra website and I was interested in the Exo Terra 24 x 18 x 18. According to the formula on Brian's Tropicals I need 3 kits. I hope to have a false bottom on the tank with some riccia floating in the water.
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I'm not sure why you need a kit at all. You can learn all you need to here with regards to Substrate, False Bottom construction and plants.No need to buy a kit unless you abolutely are going to go into this with no information or research. With looking around, reading posts and posting your are going to be able to make your own kit for your Exoterra.

1. Buy the Tank
2. Make or order the substrate or "soil"
3. Design the False bottom - all the info is here on this forum.
4. Select vivarium friendly plants - info here as well. Most suitable plants can be found at a greenhouse near you.

Easy -peasy.

Where do you live? There are often Reptile shows and Dart Frog gatherings near everyone that provide a TON of help with supplies and ideas....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Wow, thats pretty pricey for what you get..... I agree with phil, do lots of research on here before making any purchases.

Look through the links in this section for ideas and a lot of general questions may be answered for you.

Suggested reading material



I think the most important thing is decide on what kind of frog that you are going to get and then construct the vivarium based on that type of frogs needs.
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You'll be way farther ahead picking a frog first like D3 said. When i started out, not knowing much, i did 4 ten gallon tanks.
They are now in the dumpster. To fully experience the frogs, and their environment dont just blaze a trail like i did. Many morphs are quiet shy, others bold, the right tank configuration with the right frog will make or break your experience in the hobby. As an example, within 4 weeks of transfering a pair of my frogs into a more propper tank, they were transporting tads. They spent a year in the first tank i built. Ask a lot of questions, none are stupid, and enjoy the site, we are all learning all the time.
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