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Forgot to introduce myself....I'm Michael
Long time hobbyist, Long time lurker of the boards. Figured last year it was time to jump in at a few friends requests and see if there was anything I could contribute to helping other hobbyists new and old. I'm often referred to as the quiet type and do not care to make myself known to all. I hope to post here more often now that I have the time. The collection is at a minimal low for the first time in ten years and I hope to get going again come shipping weather.

Everyday I meet someone I dislike, are you today's pick? If you dislike me it's because somethings wrong with you!

Don't Be A Hybridiot!
Great to have you here to post Michael.

Your experience with both Dart Frogs and other Herps is absolutely valuable and a welcome asset to this forum.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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