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Gold tipped club moss

I have tons of tanks with tropical moss and moss from my woods, but wanted to try something new. I wanted to know if anyone here has successfully used gold tipped club moss as a ground cover???

Yes, I have. It loves the terrarium conditions.

i have had trouble growing gold tips and spike moss in my terrariums. it will grow for a few weeks then die. it loves growing in a pot on my deck though? peacock moss does fine in my terrariums however. is the humidity too high (85-90%)? any suggestions?

1.1.1 Hawaiian Auratus (reticulated), 1.2.2 Leucomelas, 3.2.1 Cobalt Tincs, 1.0.0 Kauluha & Creme / Camo Auratus, 2.0.1 Yelloback Tincs, 0.0.4 Azureus, 1.1.0 Spotted Auratus

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