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Some CITES frog import quotas for 2009
Here's an example of some of the species and numbers than are legally imported....

CITES national export quotas for 2009

All live imports to the United States as of 04/03/2009

Allobates femoralis 500
Dendrobates leucomelas 500
Dendrobates tinctorius 500
Epipedobates pictus 500
Epipedobates trivittatus 500

Mantella aurantiaca 2500
Mantella baroni 5000
Mantella bernhardii 650
Mantella betsileo 5000
Mantella crocea 500
Mantella expectata 250
Mantella laevigata 2000
Mantella madagascariensis 500
Mantella milotympanum 0
Mantella nigricans 1000
Mantella pulchra 3000
Mantella viridis 250
Scaphiophryne gottlebei 1000

Dendrobates tinctorius+ 1886
Epipedobates trivittatus 1452

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
For 1000 Scaphiophryne gottlebei to have come in they sure did disappear as I've been looking for them everywhere for a project I've been putting together for a couple years.
Luckily I know people and will get a jump on any more that possibly come in.


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Just googled ^ Sweet looking frog! Thats an arse load of Mantella imported.
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