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What to do with cb man creeks, new pics added

So what is everyone doing wiht their CB Man Creeks, or any of the recent import offspring. I have decided not to remove any until they are observed to be eating melonogaster (and then maybe longer). I have seen springtails go down but no melonogaster. I have only had the viv, for 3 days. They might be eating them now. I know their are lots of these guys morphing but how many are making it to nice adults. Thanks

Too update this old DB post i would like to say, now i have removed 2 froglets and believe ihave 3 more in the original viv.

[Image: normal_speck.jpg]

[Image: normal_nonespeck.jpg]

[Image: normal_overhead%20speck.jpg]

These are 2 frogs, that are still in the main viv. I removed two which i have not got a shot i like yet. The ones removed were the small ones, and they have fattened up. I think the most important this is a smooth transition from main viv to holding box, and a whole lot of springtails. I think these guys are a little better off than the other two, but i think they were originally.

Nice looking frogs, how old are they?


Not sure exactly , 1-2 months. probably not 2 but close. Got 5 altogether and hopefully get a bunch more soon.

Congrats Jace, nice froglets. What grouping are you keeping them in?


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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3 pairs in 3 twenty gal. breeders.
Not easy pics to get, but they turned out nice and i think the froglets are going to make i

How many of those crazy pumilio morphs are you breeding.

The froglets are coming along great. How are the 2 in the tank doing?

They (removed to frog box) are doing good to its just not as easy to get a pic . I think in many ways its best to remove and it others ways its best to keep with mom and dad. In the end i removed because even though i seem to always get into little arguements(disagreements) with you, i also seem to always agree with whatever your saying(on other post im lurking). So i thought i will remove half and see what happens. There was 7 frogs in a 20 and that might be a hair too many. Geck, have you morphed any of these, or just interested.

I have gotten plenty of eggs, and up till now I thought they deposited some of the tads, but I found a few roaches in their tank last week, and I suspect they have been eating the eggs/tads before they could be deposited. I haven't gotten any new clutches yet, but hopefully soon. I have some "FR" bastis raising tads now, they are in a 19qt. quarantine cage, I had a 20 high ready for them, but then they started raising tads. I may be getting a few more pairs of the man creeks soon. I don't want them disappearing like blue jeans.

Anyone else have anything to say about pumilio neonates.

A little thread Necromancy here too - 5.5 year old thread.....heh

pumilio neonates?

Recent husbandry talk is all about keeping the froglets in the parental vivarium until they are "sub adult" and just about sexually mature - or unless you see problems with the parents actively fighting with them ect.

It is very common for me to have 3-5 froglets in with the parents who at times, walk over them, jump on them, call to them to assert themselves or otherwise act "rough" towards them. This is not a problem, that I have seen. I have witnessed adult pumilio stand on top of a froglet for a while and then move away. The minute the adult moves away, the froglet goes about it's business and even starts foraging and eating.

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