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Need bulk Brewers Yeast sellers

Where do you find the mass quantities of yeast needed to make fruit fly and flour beetle cultures? I can find small packets of each but none in bulk supply.

For those that are interested. After an afternoon of research and many phone calls I found a place that had both. It was an all natural food store. Bakers yeast was cheap and brewers yeast was $8.19 a pound.

Just thought I would let everyone know.

Hey Pete, Do you have a link to that store?
Just to let you know, the brewer's yeast is what is needed in lage amounts.


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Yes, you will use tons more brewers than bakers. You can also order at They have good prices and "free" shipping.


It wasn't an online store and they don't have a site. It was just a local health food/ natural food store in Janesville WI.

I went and looked at and the yeast I got looks the same.

Thanks for all your help guys...

This place is actually cheaper than bulk foods:

If I can get enough interest, I will place an order for a 50 pound bag of brewer's yeast. It is what i have used in my own culture recipe for the last 2 years, and it works great. I think last time I charged about $2.50 per pound, and it is BREWER'S YEAST!!! Let me know who is interested, either by pm, or reply to this post.

Ed Parker

thanks for the replies but right now I think I have enough yeast.

I am going to order some brewer's yeast for my cultures because it is much cheaper than buying locally. But, how well does this keep? I'm not sure how much to get, but with shipping I'm better off getting several pounds. On the other hand, I don't want to buy a lot if it will just go bad. Does it have to be in the fridge? Also, is it better to use cider vinegar or white vinegar in ff cultures? Or maybe it doesn't matter? Thanks!


Stick it in the freezer. That is what I do with my bakers yeast and it has been in there a couple years and still works just fine when I use it for cooking/baking.

Yes, but does that work for brewer's yeast as well?


Pure Brewers Yeast is good for one year from the date of manufacturing. So, that time may be even shorter once you get it depending on how fast the seller sells brewers yeast.

The stuff is a insect magnet, so make sure you store it sealed in a cool and dry place. Your fridge is a great place for it.

We now carry it in 5 LBS bags or 50 LBS bags here: ... ngredients - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!

That is GREAT! I didn't realize that you had it and your price is good too! I will be ordering some along with some other things that I need.


fknighton Wrote:Yes, but does that work for brewer's yeast as well?


Now that I do not know. I have never bought brewers yeast so I can't say. That is a good question though.

We keep our brewers yeast in a sealed container at room temp. I can't say we have ever had a problem with bugs in our brewers yeast, but maybe we go through ours quicker than some.

And if you use it quickly, bugs in the brewers yeast may be a good thing. Research shows that media with dead fruit flies in it produces better than media devoid of dead flies. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!

joshsfrogs Wrote:Research shows that media with dead fruit flies in it produces better than media devoid of dead flies.


Old thread, but I am looking for some sources of Brewers Yeast that I can get a bigger amount than my local health food store carries. I see Josh's sells it in 5 lbs. Any others? Or types of stores (other than health food) to look for locally? I like to buy local if it is an option...

In central NY

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Brewers yeast - the dark brown powder, not the little white balls, is the 'protein' and most important / expensive component of the FF media. Once you source it cheaply, which you can, especially in bulk.....then things get really nice and affordable.

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