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Large Variety plant/cuttings package for sale- $45 shipped

I've got both full plants, and some cuttings.
Unless mentioned, the plant is NOT frog free.
Begonia Thelmae- 2 rooted strands
Lemon Button Fern offshoots- 3
Moon valley Pilea- 1 rooted stem
Philodendron Micans- 3 rooted plants, 2 rooted stems
Strawberry Begonia- 1 small offshoot
Lime philodendron- small clipping with root
2 begonia plants- The first one gets a nice red color to it in bright light.
[Image: begonia1.jpg]
[Image: begonia2.jpg]
2 Episcia offshoots-here is a flower from the mother plant, the pink is much deeper than I was able to capture with my camera-
[Image: episcaflower.jpg]
Babies Tears- clippings in snack baggie half full

The plants below are frog free-
Lipstick plant- 2 rooted plants, stems around 20 inches long
Pepperomia Prostata- snack baggie full of clippings/rooted plant
selanginella kraussiana - snack baggie full


Dunno if you missed it, but there's no location in your profile....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Yep, wasn't aware of that. Thanks Phil

Sold- thanks!

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