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Adelphobates castaneoticus, Do I dare?

Ok There has been a lot of discussion regarding this frog on "other" forums, I asked a simple question and got my head bit off (maybe thats what Rich meant by Dendro-Nazism).

what is the legal status of this frog?

if it's illegal then why is it for sale all over the place?

I ask for a simple reason - I really would love a pair but want to keep it legal.


Dendrobates castaneoticus is the correct spelling (brazilian nut frog)

These guys seem to have luck raising them.


Thanks Mike, are they legal or will I have F&W breaking my door down?

I cant help you there, the people at seem solid to me. I would drop them an email. It seems brave for them to put it on the web if they thought it was illegal.


it is funny how long they have long been in the hobby and all of a sudden the Brazilian government is complaining about these frogs.

There are quite a few people who are breeding and selling them.


I've only seen them recently over here. I remember seeing them frequently in the UK and was so happy to see pairs available.
Any idea on the breeding habits? I know they need running water to stimulate breeding but not sure of anything else.

I just saw one yesterday at the Aquarium center in Randalstown, MD for $150.

wow thats pricey! I've seen probable pairs for $200 and juvi's for $50

I guess they are legalish I just keep hearing these debates on them and how they are all "smuggle" frogs i know that a museum got some way back not sure how they got to the hobbyist's, in europe zoo's and museums work with hobbyist does it work like that over here?

It may be that they are now illegal to export but that would not apply to any frogs that were collected before the Brazilian government cared.

The quick easy answer is the frogs were not supposed to be released to the public, but were. Many, many people out there have them. If Brazil really starts pursuing the issue, it could become a problem. Most froggers in the U.S. do not consider it an issue yet.


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Thanks for that Rich,

I will be getting some soon and I hope Brazil doesn't push the issue.


Not to drift away from the subject at hand but, I saw fishinmagician was from Md also. Im right in Abingdon. The reason for my post is about the Aquarium Center and the prices there. The frogs seem to be well cared for, but are overpriced. As much as double that of a breeder or hobbyist price. There are a lot of people in the area with nice frogs for sale, as well as tons here on the boards like Rich and others who's prices are better.


You'll find that with a lot of pet store, simply due to the fact that they buy from breeders and need a healthy mark up.

Usually charging up to 200% more than they initally paid or "have into" each frog.

I agree with you Rich. I'm not sure why they would ban some one for giving correct info even if it wasn't "nice" not sure what the exact issues where with your situation but I'll have a look

Take care and just for the record I really am looking forward to getting hold of some of your outstanding frogs.

A. castaneoticus are illegal, plain and simple. They were released to the Oklahoma zoo by Brazil for research, the Oklahoma zoo gave some to other institutions in violation of the trade agreement, one of those institutions later released these frogs to the pet trade. Does that makes every castaneoticus in the hobby illegal ? Will Fish and Game break down your door a confiscate your frogs ? Probably not. If Brazil puts up a fuss something may happen down the line, but there are so many in the hobby currently I don't foresee it becoming a problem.

My husband and I both used to work at the Aquarium Center for several years, but we are in Kentucky now. The thing with their frog prices is that they do not breed their own frogs, so they must buy them from a breeder. There is very little "wholesale" on dart frogs. Even buying in quantity only drops the price a little because there is a good demand for them at a retail level. I know they get a lot of their frogs from the local breeders. Retail stores have a higher overhead than the breeder. Customers get the satisfaction of hand-picking a frog versus ordering one sight unseen. Also a store is going to charge as much as they can get within reason, and people still pay pet store prices. I am amazed that people will pay $100 for a normal ball python (one that is likely sick and dehydrated) when they can get one for under $40 from a local breeder or reptile show.

Pet Stores do vary in prices here.I went and picked up 10 dozen crix and paid the usual $10 basically for the convenience of driving only 3 miles compared to 30 to get them cheaper.While it took the lady 10 minutes to count them out EXACTLY I checked out their aquarium prices. I'm not real sure but there was a price tag on a 29g viv for $117.00 and I have bought them for $30 from a guy I use to deal with when I was into keeping cichlids.May you also get the light hood and lid, I sure hope you would for that price !
Mark W.

It seems as if we got off topic here :? I think you need to start a new thread for pet store prices.


Since changed to Adelphobates castaneoticus

or the common: "Brazil Nut Frog"

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