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What sex is this Patricia ?
* This post was moved / reposted here to get some better exposure for Ed S.

I might be interested in an opposite sex Patricia, if someone can tell me the sex of mine. It is now about 10 months all and no calling.

[Image: IMG_0552.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0553.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0554.jpg]

Thanks! Ed

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I would say possible female, but we need a pic or two of it sitting in a relaxed position top and face to face view, Bill
Here are some aerial shots; hope they help in sexing the frog. Thanks so much for your response.

Plus, another problem seems to have since arisen. While we were away on an 8-day vacation, I left my Patricia with a friend who owns a local pet shop. He once bred frogs and even worked for the local zoo. Since I got home, she is acting different; hiding most of the time and not as bold.

He gave her tap water while I was away and I hope she is just dealing with that. She's eating well and all that, just not out and about as much. Should I be concerned?


Based on Body Habitus (roundness) and absent cloven front toepads....I'd say Female too.

I wouldn't worry too much about the frog hiding. Probably just stress from all the moving ect. Tap water is ok, as long as it sits out for 24 hours prior to use and your water company doesn't put anything crazy in it.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I would agree that the frog looks to be a female. I would also say if the water was a problem it would have probably killed the frog by now. However, as I understand it as told by my County water Dept. They said all Water depts are supposed to be using Chloramine which does not dissipate like chlorine did back in the day. I use tap water with Prime drops added to it, Bill
Thanks Phil and Bill. Much appreciated! Ed

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