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Your biggest fail...
Most of us post pictures of our completed vivs and they look beautiful, but, im sure each of us also has "skeletons" in the closet, things that seemed really cool or a good idea that just plain bombed for what ever reason. What are some of the failures youve had? It may save someone a little heartache down the road

Mine is this, i have a 36" exo, it was the first viv that I built for darts. When i bought the tank i didnt know these forums existed (never really spent that much time online) or the full extent of info that was out there. Previously i had built a viv for my leapord geckos, and used elmers glue and crushed walnut shells (the bedding) and some sand for the "background", it worked well, when it finally dried, it was hard as a rock.

In starting my 36" I knew enough to build a falsebottom (from looking at the vivs at the store i bought it from) and figured out how to plumb and make a water feature/stream thru it. When it came to the back ground, i siliconed 3 pieces of corkbark to the back and filled inbetween with a dirt/cocofibre and yes, elmers glue mix. It dried, and was solid, until i started misting. It didnt take long, and i realized i had an issue. Fortunately, no frogs were in it yet. Then I did some searching, found some dutch websites that described the flevopol method, which in turn led me to the "other site". Reading there and searching flevopol further, i got some of the "ace" concrete binder, and then coated my back ground with it thinking it would act as a sealer...Nope. Ironically, i spelled flevopol wrong (probably am now still) so my search only turned up others who had spelled it incorrectly like i had, I got some info, but not much :oops: .

It worked for a while, I had it running for a month or so, and added frogs, its lasted 2 years or so now, but, needs a complete tear down and redo which i will be doing here shortly. The back ground is soft, spongy and has "disintigrated" in spots, but hasent colapsed, I think because I sloped it some and the plants help hold it together, but its deffinitely in for a redo.

Ive learned a lot since then, still have a lot more to learn...but Im getting there. I'm glad I found these sites, and am thankful for the knowledge and experience of those who frequent them, wish I knew before my elmers issue...but, live and learn.
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I was too scared to drill my first its a pain in the arse to empty the water out of it. that and I bought two unrelated probable pairs and without thinking put them in theres a 50/50 chance my froglets are F1 or F2 (altho I don't know for sure any of them where related)...I just sell the froglets as F2 to be on the safe side.
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