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Misting nozzles for tanks - How many ?
I am trying to figure out how many misting nozzles I would need for my tanks. I know in the 10g vert and maybe 20g verts, one nozzle would work. My 40BR would probably need two double nozzles. I am going to be making some viv's that are 15x20x16. Would one nozzle work or would I need the double nozzles ?
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Hard to say...depends on your misting system and pump strength.

I would think 2 nozzles or a "T" would work.

Also depends on your planting and overall hardscape of the Viv. Sorry I couldn't be of more help here.So many variables.

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Lots of things to think about... You also have to think about whether or not you are using the misting nozzles to mist/humidify or water plants...

I originally was going to use mine to water... but decided I would just put one in each 18x18x24 zoomed and hand mist as well so that i can check on vivs and spot water.
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Tks for the info. I was planning on using Misting King systems.
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better to have too much coverage than not enough in my opinion.
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I also sell misting nozzles, and offer choices for what kind of actual nozzle you want. There's differences of flow angle as well as GPH flow rate. What you have on the end also can determine how many heads you need. A really wide angle, say 120 degrees, with a high flow rate, over 2 GPH, well placed could mist quite a large tank. An 80 degree flow with under 1 GPH of flow, not placed very well, would have a hard time covering a whole 10 or 20 gallon.

Just something to think about.
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