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Frogs for trade or sale

Hey All,

I have a proven pair of 2-1/2 year old Blue Azureus for trade or sale. They were purchased over a year ago
form Patrick Nabors over at Saurian Ent. Also have an extra 2-1/2 year old female Red Galact to trade or sell. I
bought her from Sean Stewart 2 summers ago. She was part of the first German bloodline shipment he received
from Europe in the spring of 2009. I would love to trade any of these frogs for any possible Pumilio pairs. I am
especially interested in Basti's or San Cristobals. Let me know what else you might have, and we can go from there.
I live just outside the Chicago city limits, and prefer not to ship if at all possible. Thanks, and Happy Froggin !

BTW- The site is looking awesome there Phil !!!!!!!!! I love the new look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shades254 ( Chuck )

Try e-mailing Rich.
He may be interested in the red galact.


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