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Moss growth methods ?

I have a 50 gallon vivarium with 1 red eye and I cannot seem to get moss to grow. I have purchased it, collected it and done all i could to get it to grow but it will either just turn brown and die or just sit and not grow. What could I be doing wrong ? Any suggestions with types of moss that would grow best or better ways to get it to spread?


what kind of lighting do you have in there?

there are certain types that do better in the vivarium than others check out

I have a superUV daylight bulb in a 12 inch fixture set to emit UVA and UVB. Not sure the wattage.

Do you know if the moss you have does well in a viv environment? You would think that it would but make sure you are not getting some moss from a colder region that does not do well in your tank.

By the way welcome to Dart Den, my brother lives in Austin.


try the buttermilk technique

whats the buttermilk technique?

check my post under setup and construction titled My First Vivarium in Progress all is explained there.

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