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Hi guys,

many of you will know me as mworks from the other forums and after chatting with Philip we decided it was high time we came over to the den!
It's also a good opportunity to give a bit of background to a new venture we are undertaking. As some of you know my father is just as interested as I am with darts and we decided that it would be good to give something back. My old man has an Ecological Consultancy part of which focuses on conservation and research of native amphibs, we are presently involved with chytrid surveying with the Institute of Zoology here in the UK to scope the extent of its spread. I am training as an ecologist at the moment. He has agreed to filter some of the company money into supporting amphibian works both here in the UK and in Central and South America (he has spent time in Brazil and Peru so is aware of the impact of what is happening out there). I am also hoping to get out there later this year or early next year to do some volunteering with a dart frog project.

With this in mind we have started a little company called dendroWORKS which will support amphib conservation as we have mentioned. It will also feature any dart frogs we have for sale - all captive bred by ourselves and 10% of all our sales goes into amphibian conservation – where possible focused on frogs.

The website is definitely ‘work in progress’ at the moment and we’d appreciate any suggestions/comments/criticisms. We are hoping eventually that it will provide a portal to find out about conservation and point the way to sites that provide good scientific information on dart frog habitats and captive husbandry.

Here’s the address

Marcus & Graham

Sounds great Marcus!!! Look forward to following this as it progresses.

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Glad to have you guys over here !

Sounds like good things are definitely in the works....for Dendroworks.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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