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My new Reginas and some other frogs

Don't know exactly where this post belongs, but I just had to share!

Reginas from Rich Frye. Nice!!!

[Image: MVC-644S.jpg]

[Image: MVC-643S.jpg]

Leucs from Rich!

[Image: MVC-646S.jpg]

Powder Blues from Vivarium Concepts
This is the male
[Image: MVC-626S.jpg]

This is the female that was NOT being cooperative
[Image: MVC-653S.jpg]

Here's one out of the 3 Nicaraguan auratus I received from Vivarium concepts. The other two weren't about to let me take their pic.
[Image: MVC-628S.jpg]


Nice looking frogs, how many tanks do you have for all those frogs?


Well, we have a 75g paludarium for the leucs. We have a 29g for the auratus, we have a 10g for the powder blues (temp situation) and the reginas and baby leucs are living in "shoe boxes" until they are big enough to go in their own homes. The leucs will go in the 75g and I've got a 20g for the reginas until they are old enough to sex, at which time they will be separated.

Sounds like fun, hey are there many local breeders in the Houston area? I will be moving back to San Antonio next year so wont be far away. I have a good friend in Houston who raises alot of snakes and is part of the herp society there in Houston.


Nope, as far as I know the closest one is Vivarium Concepts in Dallas, but as Rich has proved, if you have a good breeder that cares about their frogs they can be safely shipped.

Those Reginas are real nice looking. Have fun!


sooo lovely!
try zookeeper in Austin, and herpeton. both specialize in reptiles. david moellendorf at zookeeper is an encyclopedia of all things creepy crawly. darts are not his primary focus, but his knowledge is relatively quite impressive.

Rich does raise some beautiful babies! Big Grin

Personally even if I could get my darts from a local pet store I'd still rather "order online" from breeders I know and I've seen multiple examples of their frogs.

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