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I have a confirmed pair!!!!!
Just looked im the viv and saw this! I think I counted 7 eggs on a brom leaf too!
Lots of cheering from everyone here tonight!

[Image: Maleimicarryingtadpole.jpg]
[Image: Maleimicarryingtadpole2.jpg]
Very nice. I bet your boys are enjoying that and learning a lot.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
They are! After they celebrated Gabe (the older one) walked to the Azureus viv and demanded they start making babies Smile
I'm doing a lot of reading up now- I want to leave the tads/eggs alone in there to be cared for. I checked the film canisters and didn't see anything in them, so I dumped a lot of water out of a 3/4 full one. He's hanging on that brom a lot, but I think what I saw on the leaf is just dirt. I dont want to mess much with the viv right now.
It's important to give them multiple choices for Tadpole deposition IMO.

my pumilio will always use broms first and only use film cans if nothing else is suitable or available, so I try to provide a bunch of each.

Another good item is a tiny little glass condiment dish that you can buy at a Restaurant store or "Kitchen store". It's a tiny little glass dish that people use to seperate out small amounts of dry cooking ingredients - salt, baking soda ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
They have 2 broms, and 3 film canisters, as well as the very shallow water area at the front of the viv. Should that be enough? If the male is disturbed to much before depositing the tad can there be any harm done? The kids want to constantly be watching him..
He was in a film canister with his back dipped into the water but the tad was still on when he left the film canister.
I would still try for a couple more sites in different place...especially since the clutch sizes are large and back to back. They are gonna need lots of places.

I'm not a Ranitomeya expert - I only have Vents, Vanzos and Veros....and I don't do ponds in vivs too much, so I can't comment on them using ponds.

Maybe a couple more film cans...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I went ahead and stuck 3 more film cans in easily seen areas. I was hoping to see the first egg(s) but they hid it pretty well on me! He's still got the tad on his back.
Thanks for the advice Phil. I can add more film cans if needed as well!
More pics:
Trying to deposit tad in film canister:
[Image: tryingtodeposittad.jpg]

Full shot of viv from tonight:
[Image: Imiviv4262011.jpg]
Is there enough water in the film cans ? Maybe that's why there are not depositing in there...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I'm not sure... The water comes almost up to the rim of the film canister, but it's not really deep.
He's got a tad on his back this morning, and is calling. I didn't see a tad in any of the film cans, but the female is in one at the top of the viv and i cant see around her. I guess it's the same tad?
2 new pics from this morning..
[Image: maleimicarryingtad4272011Day2.jpg]
[Image: imieggs4272011.jpg]

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