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Exo Terra 18x18x24 Terrarium
I went to Petsmart the other day and bought a Exo Terra 18x18x24 terrarium kit. I bought a 26w flourescent bulb to put in the canopy. Based on the canopy it looks like it needs 2 bulbs. If I get another 26w bulb will the tank be too bright? The tank is 33.7 gallons. For stock I am thinking of 3-4 leucs. I am thinking of starting a thread in the plant forum about what I should get, but I am open to suggestions. I have some questions on how to culture fruit flies, but I am still re-searching. How many fruit flies should a dart frog eat daily? How many days will a single culture of flies last me with 4 frogs? Thanks.
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Sounds great !

I would try 2 bulbs. I think that size tank could definately take it.

3 to 4 Leucs would be ok, I would think. I would suggest 3, as that amount will be a little more "managable", especially for your first frogs.

Go to a local greenhouse / plant nursery and ask them for "hardy terrarium plants"'ll be JUST FINE with most any that they recommend. No worries there.

Read up a little more of Fruit Fly culturing here....the answers to your questions are in some of the threads there.

Exciting Big Grin times - first frogs, eh ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Your telling me! I could hardly sleep at night knowing I had all of that empty terrarium down there. Thanks for the feed back.
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If you bought the lid exo makes for it, the 24" lid has 2 switches on it, one for each bulb (alteast mine do)...both of my 24 wides are 24 tall, I use both bulbs. Regarding flies, no matter how many you think you may need, always make 1 or 2 more, you never know when you, or a friend, will need them.
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Thanks for the additional information.
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