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New web cam on order.
If you know or not,, the dart cam has been down for a few weeks. My cheapo usb webcam just doesn't work any more. I really didn't think these things could break, well anyways. So, I have a new one on order which should arrive sometime mid next week. I will update this post once it is set up. Has anyone really ever watched it? Or is it me liking to play BIG BROTHER on my little guys. Let me know,, I'll add a little more pizaz to the show if people actually watch it ((even if it's for a minute from time to time)).
Hey Corey,

I've tried to watch it but just had a black screen so I figured it wasn't working. cant wait to see it when it up again
I have tried too (didn't work) and would probabily check it every now and then (once it is working).
I tried to look at it many times also. I am def interested in the new cam set up. Maybe there is a disease for webcams because Vivarium concepts is always down also. LOL , well hope it works out well.

I too have checked it out but havent seen much of anything interesting. However if you could create a space on the site with some best of footage I think that would be totally cool.
Ok,, got me a QuickCam Pro 4000. I tried setting it up under the mode where it will follow your head. Well,, that didn't work out ok... kinda sputtered here and zoomed in there. Anyways,, it's a little better than the last one. I was hoping for a better quality. I will tweak it later, for now enjoy! --Corey

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