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2 new builds....2x 12x12x18 Zoomeds
My first build on my 60g cube I did GS and clay, but on these vivs I decided to do the GS and silicone style background.

Here are some pics of the 2 vivs finished....I just have to get the racks situated and lights installed and these will be ready to planted.

12x12x18 #1
[Image: DSCN3679.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3680.jpg]
Base of the cork background
[Image: DSCN3677.jpg]

Kind of a top down...
[Image: DSCN3678.jpg]

Viv #2
[Image: DSCN3681.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3682.jpg]

I drilled some holes in the cork to put some broms once these are ready to be planted.

I have another 12x12x18 and a 18x18x24 that will be built sometime this week. The viv #1 I think will be used for some R. Flavovittata I have coming, the other viv #2 will be for my second pair of R. imitator 'varadero''. Will add pics of #3 and #4 once they get built. I do know the 18x18x24 will be for a group of R. variabilis 'Highland' and the #3 will be for a small group of R. lamasi 'Orange'.
Here are some pics of the vivariums planted

Viv #1
[Image: DSCN3688.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3684.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3683.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3689.jpg]

[Image: DSCN3686.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3687.jpg]
VERY nice. Looks really well designed.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil,

I wasn't sure if the pics were showing up or not cause on my pc all I see is the little swirls going around. I might add a few vines to viv #2 and maybe another brom. It was pointed out to me that the broms in #2 are quite symetrical which I didn't even notice till they said something.....Doesn't look right like that so might make a change or 2.

Have the 3rd one started last night and the false bottom of the 18x24 started....Vacation comes to an end Tuesday though so I plan to get as much done the next 2 days as possible.

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