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brand new 44 gal tank one soggy carpet and a very angry wife

I think the title says it all Smile
I finally got my 44 gallon pent tank done plant were all ready to go in and the lighting was all sorted, i spent my entire saturday afternoon(usually devoted to paper work) puting the finishing touches to the tank that my wife let me have in the living room she came home told me it looked great but wasn't thrilled that it had water runing out the back! :oops: :x so I had to rip the tank apart and get the 6 gallons of water out the bottom by this time it was 1130 at night!

I have some questions

how many of you use gravel on to of your egg crate as well as substrate?

whats the best way to seal a tank?

and how deep do you have your false bottoms?

simple questions I know but I usually just have Leca/gravel bottoms and drain excess water.

Almost forgot any ideas on how to get my wife to talk to me in a less angry tone?

Total Bummer man.
First I recommed flowers
I think that may help.

Second. My false bottoms are about 1 1/2 to 2".
I don';t put gravel on top of my egg crate. I do put it in front of it to hide it to make it look nicer. I seal my tanks with 100% silicone.

Good luck with the viv and most of all the wife.


Thanks man!

I just sent her a dozen red hope it works if not I'll have to send her and the baby to san diego ( her home town)

I'll silicone the tank does the dap stuff work? I have a bunch of that.

DAP stuff? you mean the great stuff expanding foam?
I wouldn't use that to seal a leaky aquarium. is your tank cracked? or is it just got a leaky silicone seal or a seal where you plumbed it. alot of it could prolly be fixed with silicone.
just be sure to dry and clean the surfaces to seal well before applying the silicone to assure a good bond and seal.
When buying the sislcone at Home depot make sure it doesnt have any mold inihibtors init for your bathtub. it usually say 100% sislcone clear. I forget the brand.

DAP silicone I use alot of it for backgrounds it's 100% silicone so I'll use that, flowers didn't work, she left a very angry message with the secretary regarding where she will place them Confusedhock:

I'll just send her to san diego to cool off a bit.

My false bottom usually 2 inches deep. To reseal the tank make sure you take a razor to any remaining silicone, once all of the old stuff is off, then you can put down fresh beads of AQUARIUM grade silicone. Other silicones may leech out ammonia's and other chemicals into the water. Once you have a nice bead going you can then use your fingers gloved of course and smooth it out so it looks nice. I hope your wife forgives you soon. Lucky for me all of my significant others so far have loved my frogs. This does not seem to be common though. I have noticed most gf/wives do not like the frog idea. Well good luck, hope it all works out well for you.


The Wife loves the frogs but hates the "projects" . She'll get over it in a day or 2 I hope. I hope she will any way LOL

I learned my lesson the hard way myself Paul.When I made my first 10 vert about 3 years ago I set it up and had it all planted and, like you, had permission to put it in the living room.
I did'nt have any water in the false bottom but when I added it the door wasn't sealed very good at all so all my work had to be torn down and everything. I learned then to check for leaks before I even start adding plants or anything.
I'd say try for a little snuggling tonight but you might end up with a black eye so scratch that idea Smile. Good luck,

I wouldn't feel so bad about not checking for leeks if it was my first tank but this is probably the 30th tank i've done (first one allowed in the living room). the ticket to san diego made her smile but the trip to the salon tomoorrow got her to forgive me Big Grin

All I've got to say is she's one smart woman! LOL

I'm wonderin' if she didn't sabotage your tank to get all the goodies... :wink:

LOL I thought about that one but she was soooooooooo mad about her carpet i dont think she would have Big Grin

what really makes me laugh is the fact she would have gone to the salon and paid with the same money I am, as well as the trip so either way i would have paid for them both

Haha, that is funny (your money).

You live in the apartment right now, right? So, she shouldn't be too worried about the rug, unless you own the apartment.

I use PVC to hold the eggcrate, followed by some screening, then substrate. No gravel.


well thats what i said who cares it aint my carpet that just made her mad :x LOL. she says it matters because we live there and he has our money ( landlord meaning security deposit).

weren't we supposed to grab a coffee yesterday?

I was waiting for you to call.

sorry I was distracted and remembered at 11pm cant drink coffee @ 11pm LOL whats ur day look like? I have an hour tonight

I should be home by 5:30, assuming no extra traffic. My girlfriend will be over sometime tonight, not sure a time.

we dont both need an angry other half give me a call thursday, I'm open that entire night. or I have 6pm open friday

Thursday is fine. She works until 8 on Thursdays Big Grin She wouldn't care though if I met up with you tonight either. Can you email me your number again, I accidentally deleted the wrong email, which had your number. :?

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