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FedEx shipping Tips
Since, I am not a bigger shipper, I asked Cindy if she could post up some Tips for dealing with FedEx.

These observations are based on our experience shipping with Fed Ex over the past 10 years, your results may vary.

1 ) When possible, ship with a Fed Ex account, if you do not have one, sign up for one (it doesn't cost anything).

2 ) Shipping accounts are billed differently (better rates) than if you pay for your shipment at the Fed Ex station.

3 ) Shipping station to station to be held at the station for pick up, is the safest, least expensive, way to go (Kinkos locations are NOT Fed Ex stations). Stations can be found on the Fed Ex website. Find the one closest to you and to your recipient.

4 ) When shipping Fed Ex overnight they offer 3 overnight options, FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight , and FedEx Standard Overnight. We use the Standard Overnight and the package is usually there when the doors open. So no need to pay for the faster shipping option. Be sure to put the recipients phone number on the shipping label. Fed Ex will call the recipient.

5 ) Keep in mind that when you ship overnight you are basically buying a plane ticket for that package, so size and weight of the package as well as distance the package will be traveling all matter. The magic number is 12. Keep your box dimensions under 12" cubed and the weight under 5 lbs. Remember all weights and measurements will be rounded UP.

6 ) Fed Ex uses lasers to measure your package. If your package is not square, the laser will measure at the widest point(s).
If the package has tape hanging off, the laser will take that as a measurement, if the package is bulging, that is what the laser will measure. The rate quote that your receive online when you fill out the shipping info is a COURTESY QUOTE based on the info YOU have provided. Fed Ex receives your package at the sort facility, they weigh it and measure it with their system, sometimes they get a different answer.

7 ) Fed Ex had a rate increase of 3.9% the beginning of this year. Their fuel surcharge fluctuates month to month.

8 ) Fed Ex is a business, and as with any business the object of the game is to make money. They provide a service, Fed Ex is not the least expensive way to ship. I take comfort in the fact that I can track that package every step of the way, and IF there is an issue, I can call and talk to a HUMAN.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
FedEx is by far the best company to ship with...great points above listed. The only thing I would like to add is if you are lucky to live near an airport with the FedEX station there you can take you package to them anytime before 9pm. I take mine at 8:30pm and do the one for the delivery before 10:30. This means the frogs experience low times in heat/ cold and less time being stressed in small containers.

I have shipped frogs with FedEX for 3 years now and never a DOA...knock on wood.

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I would add to ship from Hub to Hub, I typically call and verify with FedEx that where the frogs are being received is a Hub, ie. first stop from the airport.
I am currently very upset with FedEx, for the past two days they have claimed to try and deliver my package, and say I wasn't home. But I've been here when they claim to have stopped by.
zachaustin Wrote:I am currently very upset with FedEx, for the past two days they have claimed to try and deliver my package, and say I wasn't home. But I've been here when they claim to have stopped by.

It's a judgement call, but when shipping I never have FedEx require a signature. In most cases, it's better for the frogs to sit on the porch in the box I packed them in than go back on the truck for another 24 hours. I've had FedEx try to drop a package off once while I was in the shower, and I didn't know he had been there until I saw the note on the door that evening. I called FedEx and was able to drive to the nearest hub and pick it up.
Do you need to put a sign on the box "live animals" does that mean you have to do anything else special
Going to ship my first set of frogs on Tuesday nj to tx overnight any other suggestions

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"live animals' on the outside of the box and inside the box, include a list of animals by both common and scientific name (latin).

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
And just ship overnight

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Would be better to put "Wildlife - live harmless amphibian" and put detailed paperwork (scientific names and quantities contained) inside the top flap of the box. This is per the Lacey Act and NY is one of the state's especially vigilant about opening boxes.
Also, ship hub to hub hold for pickup to be on the safe side.
Shipping through Ship Your Reptiles is generally cheaper and insures loss. I gave up on using my own FedEx account because SYR still saved me money.
They'll have complete instructions on their website that cover every aspect of shipping.
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I always use SYR and recommend insurance. if Fedex is late you get refund on shipping cost. Fedex is 1 day about 85% of time for me. I put an invoice on side packet with contents and always write "Harmless live amphibian" but not too big.
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