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Vittatus first transport
Just thought I'd share this photo. My breeding group is probably 2.2
[Image: 110601064544new.jpg]
Nice, how many tads did you get? I see he forgot one lol.
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He won't sit still long enough to count. There was another tad underneath the female also. I think I caught him in the act of rounding up the kids. I pulled the first few clutches and soon realized I was going to be over run with offspring. I have about 25 tads in the water and it looks like about a dozen or so on his back. I left a couple of 8 oz. deli cups filled with water for deposition sites. I think I'll just give them clean water bowls now and then and only pull froglets. Clutches have been between 12 and 20 eggs They have been laying about 5 clutches within a 2 week period.
Transport pictures are always neat to look at!

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