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Green R. Imitators and tad !

Just thought I would share some tad and dad pics of My Green Imitators! I have a 1.2.0 living in a 40 vert. The male is brave and calls all day long. The females come out but only if they don't know you are watching. These are cell phone pics but turned out ok. Hard to get the Nikon inside their tank! lol!


Garrick H.

Very cool.....not sure if I've ever seen a pic of a tad eating an egg !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Great pictures! My imi has only carried one tad at a time.

I love that egg pic!

Do you know where your frogs have been?

Thanks guys. He had three but one vanished before I could get him to sit still. The tad was eating when I walked up with the camera but as soon as I snapped the pic he dove to the bottom. There are at least 8 tads in water right now. I'm not sure where they all are but if you watch the dad he could lead you to them. He is good at checking in on the ones I do know of everyday.
Here are one more of the dad and one mom! [ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND] [ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]

Garrick H.

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