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Bloodlines Registry Suggestion
I am a tropical plant enthusiast who lurks around this site occasionally with the intention of doing a viv one day when I can afford to do it right.

I have noticed many of you talk about a desire to keep bloodlines pure and complaining about the difficulty of identifying morphs by sight especially with pumilios (i.e. darklands vs caucheros).

I think it would be cool if this sight had a registry feature where people could say what they have, where/when/whom they got it from, and if the frogs are setup to breed -Some kind of basic family tree looking setup- This way bloodlines could be traced back a bit and people looking for a mate for their frogs could do so responsibly. Those of you that breed could require buyers to register if this is important to you and then you would also know that your customers are keyed in to this site where they can get quality info on dart frog care.

Like this :

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
That is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. Must be a good idea if it already exists!

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