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My 55 gallon Azureus viv got a make over today
I found a great piece of wood that I cleaned up and cut down to size. I spent over 2 years looking for a piece of wood I really liked. Now just to let this grow back in, and have the ferns take over their sides. The azureus have been exploring for the past hour. I still need to drop in a bunch of springs, but I think this is finally close to how I pictured it being.

[Image: 55afterredo662011edit.jpg]
WOW. Lucky frogs. Very nicely done.
1.5 kids and a bunch of frogs
Very nicely done!
Is that a pond area on the right side?
Thanks guys!
Cindy- yes, that is a pond area. It makes it much nicer to syphon water from the tank. That seems to be the corner the frogs like to hang out in most. I'm hoping that since I've changed it up a bit they will find other places to hunt springs.
Looks even better now... show the others a before pic Wink
Thanks Riko Smile
Here's the before pic-
[Image: AzureusViv5302011edit.jpg]
I left some of the broms where they were since they are pupping. I accidentally broke a pup off of one at the start.
Yes, that did turn out rather nice! perfect wood selection indeed.
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Looking really sweet man! Give it time and im sure that wood will have cool looking moss sprouting all over it.

Overall, the tank looks pretty dark, yet you have some amazing colour from the broms. Is it just the camera making it look darker then it is? What lighting do you have anyways, and how far is it from the top? Thanks bud.
I'm sure it will! I scrubbed off a bunch of moss growth when I was cleaning it. The wood that I took out had been in there 2 years, and has moss growth all over it. I just dont have a tank to put it in!
The picture is darker than in real life. I wanted to make sure the brom color showed, and in pictures they get washed out. The top photo was shot in TV mode with an exposure time of 1/40.
My light is a Zoo Med Aquasun T5 HO fixture, with one bulb that is 5000K, and one that is 6500K. Currently it is just sitting on the feet included with the fixture, so it is maybe 2.5 inches from the top. I plan on going to Homedepot today to work on raising the lights a bit, simply to make access easier to the viv, and reduce the heat output. This fixture seems much hotter than my Current Nova Extreme unit was.

Once this grows in any the plants take over I think it's going to look really good.
Hard to think that you could make it better then it was but you have managed it.....Great looking viv.
And the stand was painted black. I also put together the brackets to hold the light up above the viv. I'm going to make some frog pulls for the doors, then I think she's done!
[Image: 55viv.jpg]

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