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Reptile Basics Racks and Huge Melamine Cage

Hey all! I have two Reptile Basics racks with back heat and 4 bins each, the bins are sweater box size. Both are in great shape and it includes the Helix thermostat. Asking $500

Huge melamine enclosure, measures 57x20x46 and has two separate "living spaces" each with sliding plexi doors, incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. The ballast in the upper unit may need replacing. Asking $200 obro

Local only please.

What is local? You don't list where your from. Thanks

Garrick H.

I believe its the Philly area.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Whoops! My bad :oops: I'm located near Willow Grove, PA

Melamine unit gone. Racks still available.

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