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Who do you know that has left the hobby ?
I'm thinking....longevity-wise, 5 plus years is a LONG time in the Dart Frog hobby.

Think about all the screen names that you used to see everday....tons of posts....tons of gone.

Collections sold. Moved on. No more posts. Sold everything. Sad and powerful to think about, huh ?

Who do you know that has gotten out / moved on ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I think there are also plenty of people who have quit forums not the hobby. Just because their screen name is gone, does not mean they are out. Many are just tired of the online "experts of everything." I am almost there, I also see why sponsors stop participating.

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Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
when I get bitter like that, I take a break too Jason. Everyone is an expert online....that's been a mantra since the creation of the interweb. Nothing new there. You appear to be taking it personal.

Most people that I personally know, have sold their animals.....way beyond non forum participation.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I can think of quite a few that I don't see post anymore. It's not the same as when I joined (on the other forum, anyway), too much bitching, biting heads off, not helping out with new member's questions, and the "all knowing" new members that I can't stand to read their posts. That's why I like it over here, people more down to earth and more willing to help.
BTW, this was the first of any forum I had every joined, and not just frog-related.
Scott Bryant
I have found myself taking things personally in the past, but not recently.

What I am tired of are good post/thread being taken over by politics, religion, and PETA/No WC frogs ( I think you know what I mean.) Good conversations get taken way off track.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
For me it is Bill Heath.(elmoisfive on dendrroboard). He sold frogs and did shows. last time i talked to him was at IAD in Timnomium MD, not spelled right i know. I can't remember the name of his frog business, midwest something. he posted a lot.

There are others.
Lat time I talked with Bill he was in the hobby still, just having personal issues so not posting or breeding. He still had his frogs.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
Steve (Sounddrive) had a great medium sized collection - 8 or so different pumilio, Retics, 10 other species and almost ALL were breeding. I remember when he first started building his collection and then only @ 2.5 years later.....gone. Sold it all.

Same thing with Chris Killinger. 30 vivs. tons of breeding (not much of a poster on forums btw) and then Blammo....3 years later, ALL gone !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Has Chris sold off everything? I saw he was selling more of his frogs and vivs recently. That sucks. I dont know that many people- but Chris is who I went to for most of my frogs.
Keep in mind the boards themselves drive people away seemingly out of the hobby but I know a few old timers of the hobby that just keep their distance from the boards. I talk to a few on FB as well as on the phone. They often email me to let me know their thoughts on the latest BS they read.

I think the bulk of the people that jump in this hobby and disappear for good are the ones who take on the business approach to it and quickly learn the hard way its not done easy.

Everyday I meet someone I dislike, are you today's pick? If you dislike me it's because somethings wrong with you!

Don't Be A Hybridiot!
These Forums - if used correctly, ARE identical to "work", effort ect.

I guess if we called it a "picture page" or "Howz my viv?" ect, we could get away with easy, no-harsh interaction ect. But that would mean this hobby would grow at a crawl.....the rate in which new advances, techniques and theories rises in exact proportion to the many heated discussions, back-and -forth postings and even arguments.

"The BEST metal comes from the heat and pressure of the crucible", meaning, if we don't talk about things in a forceful, passionate and even "loud" manner.....chances are, nothing extraordinary will ever come of it.

To advance the hobby in the best manner possible.....Forums are needed and active participation is required. It's just that simple.

Don't hold it to be a "Negative" - that some people refuse to post because not everyone has it in them. Even a post or two a week is a lot of work for some and you can't blame them. An argument online, to me, is often fun, engaging and mentally entertaining. To others, an online spat or a seemingly cross word is enough to cause physical discomfort, worrying and shying away from the computer for weeks. We are all not hard-wired the same.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I ve been posting in dendro and lurking over here. Just the order i discovered them. I enjoy reading but dont have much time to get into lots of posting, particularly in non frogging topics. For the hobbyist - plowing through these threads is a treasure hunt that often pays big dividends. I was in frogs in early 90s for few years, then graduated college and life got busy. Now back in hobby. I dont think people leave the hobby b/c of the "politics" of the boards... they get busy w new jobs and moves across country or in some cases burned out - going from one impulse to another - or as may also happen, things like divorce or illness can take a financial or emotional toll. I have found these boards to be a good resource and creative way to network. We didnt have anything like this when I first did frogs. I was more or less on my own - a few articles from reptile mags and a photo copy of an english trans of a german dart frog book (forgot name of author). Heck it was hard to even buy frogs when i started... lets see Glad herps, strickly reptiles, and those lousy options were via storefront connection. Now I can buy local or anywhere in the lower 48 or Canada... Ha who would have known. So... to all you real dart froggers of Genius who spend countless hours with this online diary of dartfrog husbandry - I cant give you all a PhD for your efforts - so next time you tap a cold budwiser after a hot afternoon in the garage cleaning and recycling those smelly used FF culture cups - think of my gratitude expressed in this post. Cheers.
Scott - North Dallas
Very nice first post. So refreshing to see something well thought out and nice.

And I certainly didn't see my move and disengagment from the hobby (temporary) as soon as it happened.

18 days after the start of this thread......whoop. There it is. "Real life" caught me out in the open and the collection is gone.


I'll be back.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
RanaVenenosa Wrote:For the hobbyist - plowing through these threads is a treasure hunt that often pays big dividends.

I was just talking about this! I can't tell you how many times I've come across a post from 2005 or earlier that has GREAT info. Many times it's handed out by those same 'old-timers' that have hung it up on the forums or in the hobby in general.

For me, I know that the guy I bought my first frogs from is now out of the hobby. He had a sizeable collection - a few interesting tinc morphs and some of the first trivs I ever remember hearing about. Of course, he sold it off and all those frogs 'disappeared' from the hobby.
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