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Help with 2 Leuc genders?
I have two leucs. Bumblee is a little older then winkers. Just wondering if anyone can tell the gender of them yet?
thanks! I've had them about two months and I thought I may of heard calling once, while back... but nothing since. They are really nice to each other and seem to "cuddle" a lot.


2 young leuc
the look to be about "subadult" to "young adult" size based on spot "stretching" / pattern and overall sexing is not going to be easy.

That said, "Winkers" could be a female based on wide body habitus that is typical of female Tinctorious "group" (Leucs, auratus, Tincs).

"Bumblebee" has a little more "back" and could be more slender - indicative of a male.

Good luck and keep us posted !

Toe pads are not the greatest indicator for Leucs, one way or another. The old saying " you'll know when it's a male - if it calls and when it's a female - when it lays eggs" .That's seriously true.

Most Leucs attain sexual maturity and start to seek to actively breed @ 1 year of age .Some sooner, but 1 year to 1 year plus is more average, I believe. The males may start calling a bit sooner, maybe not and quite at first - getting a little louder in time, with practice.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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