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Azureus possible breeding behavior
1 azureus is a year and a half old, the other is around a year old.
I have not seen any calling, but for the past week or so the older frog has been following the younger around the viv off and on all day. I see a lot of stroking, both on the back and the legs.
Please excuse the background noise- my daughter was insising I play a video game :roll:
[Image: th_strokingback1.jpg]
[Image: th_sidestroking.jpg]
It certainly looks like you have a couple of interested azureus!
Can't really tell, but do you have a coco hut for them?

Keep us posted.
Cindy, there are 2 cocohuts in there. One of the frogs hangs out in one most of the day. I'll certainly keep an eye on them and let you know if I get any eggs!
Mine stroke each others back and are very close to an hour before i see eggs
Looking at your weather, you have a chance of thunderstorms early next week.
You can play this to your favor as the frogs will respond to the drop in barometric pressure.
You can start feeding heavy and misting heavily/frequently. This combined with the thunderstorms will
usually prompt breeding activity.
Cindy, I noticed how crazy my male leuc and imi get during storms. We've had a lot of them lately. I will be watching the azureus now as well during storms. It would be nice to get some eggs from frogs other than the Imi's!

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