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frog poop?

Again, I am new here... And I'm finding SO much good info here on this forum!!!

I've read a lot about keeping your dart enclosure clean, which makes perfect sense to me.... My question is... How is frog poop handled in a vivarium? Does it absorb into the subtrate and get filtered out? Or will I have to go around picking up poop with tweasers every day? :-)

I gather that the latter won't be the solution or else i'd have probably read many people's posts complaining about having to do it...

Thanks for all the great info, guys! I'll be posting pics as soon as I start construction!

actually that is great fertilizer for your plants. i never touch anything and my viv looks pretty good. best of luck with everything darts are very interesting creatures i am sure you will have a great time from construction to choosing your frogs. Smile

Thanks, Steve...

I thought that would be the case, but I wanted to make sure... If I get a 30 gallon tank, I'm not planning on having more than 3 frogs so there shouldn't be an abundance of waste.

I plan to follow the rules as far as the whole "10 gallons per frog" thing is concerned...

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