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Atlanta, GA area?

I posted this in the genral topic forum, but then discovered this area and wanted to repost here...

Are there any breeders or pet stores that sell PDF's in tha Atlanta GA area? I'm thinking of waiting until October for the event at Atlanta Botanical Gardens to purchase my frogs, but if I could get them sooner, I'd be even happier!


I say wait until Frogday, there will be a large selection of beginner darts, and you won't have to deal with shipping, and you can hand select them. I will be there with a large variety of tincs, auratus, leucs, and a few rarer things.

Thanks, geckguy... I had pretty much decided that I should wait until then... Not only will it give my viv a chance to cycle out, but I can actually SEE the frogs before I buy, which will be great! Plus, it'll give me a chance to actually figure out what PDFs I actually want to purchase!

Yeah wait until Frogday Atlanta. You'll have tons of stuff to select from by then.

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