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Looking for eggs or tadpoles - Dallas

I am looking for a few eggs or tadpoles to get started. I am in the Dallas Fort Worth texas area. Thanks for your help.
Typically people do not sell dart frog eggs or tadpoles.

Is there something particular you are looking for?

If you are a brand new hobbyist, you should stick with juvenile frogs - older than froglets even.

Dart Frog eggs are VERY seldom transferred in the hobby - they are just too delicate.

Tadpoles are usually transferred only between experienced hobbyists as well.....there's a lot that can go wrong with them on their way to morphing out.

If you are looking to save usually doesn't work like that. A new hobbyist is FAR better off getting juvenile frogs. Tadpoles for "half price" is a theory that some people like to try to throw around and its just not accurate and realistic when it comes down to it.

That said, you are lucky. The Dallas area has a lot of froggers who should be able to help you with everything you need. Cindy is one, and there are at least 4-6 others on this Forum.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I actually had them a few years ago. I started tadpoles then. My kids and I like to watch them develop.
I agree with Cindy and while both of us have tads and eggs now I do not sell them.
Perhaps you should consider a sexed pair.
I didn't lose any of them before when I had tadpoles. Half the fun is watching them grow.

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