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compiling ideal frog temps

hey ya'll,

caresheets on individual species/morphs seem to be lacking. i just got the breeder's series book, and it lists some popularly kept species with care info... but i want more!

how about trying to compile something? the nature's web site has lots of good info about many species/morphs, but they omit temps. maybe we could start there?

if you work with, or study the habitat of, various frogs how about giving us what you consider to be ideal temps. maybe break it into breeding vs. keeping the frogs happy so as to include artificial dry periods, seasonal variation, etc.....

Most Darts that we keep in the U.S. do well in temps from the low 80s for a high, to the high 50s , for a low.
I think that a 10-15 degree high-low swing is important to keeping Darts "happy". I find 66 to 78 good low-high numbers.
That being said, the larger the enclosure provided , the more micro climates for the Darts to choose from. A viv can have great temp/humidity/light, ect. differences in itself, but only if it is large enough and sculpted to set up micro climates.
Some of the publications give altitudes and some info as to cloud forest morphs and such.
When in doubt, throw 5 gal per frog out....... way out.


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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yes there is only one frog i am comfortable in a 10 gal long term. That is retics. I also agree. That really the best you can do is try to maintain 78, with lows of 50-60 and highs of about 85(even though i hate it when this happens) . I find high temps more troubling than lows.

rich and jace, thanks for taking the time to respond. what ya'll are saying jives prefectly with most of what i've read, but like i said...i want more! the reason i'm proposing a species by species is this(and you may have read this in previous posts): i was well into the construction of a large 300 gal in my living room for salvias tricolors when i heard from jon werner that they like to be kept between 60-74 degrees. oh *&%%(! my boyfriend is always cold, so while he's amazingly willing to put up with my various obsessions, keeping the living room at 65 degrees is too much to ask. so the salvias are going to move to the spare room with its own ac....and while there may be a wider range for keeping these guys, the fact that jon is the one cranking out the babies means that plan on following his recomendations. anyway, a more detailed species by species account would sure be helpful

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