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D. auratus Bronze
Hello all,

I'm thinking about getting some of those, as my first exotics since some time:

[Image: auratus%20bronze.jpg]

They are simply stunning, incredible looks! I made contact with a breeder here in Hungary, he is also living in Budapest, and is selling them for ca. 25€ each. As advised, I'm going for a 18x18x24 exo terra tank. Think I'll get 3 of them for the first time, should be plenty space for them. If I have the opportunity to get 1 male and 2 females, will they be OK?
As additional info, taken from ... ronze.html:

Locality: Panama
Temps: 75-82F
Humidity: high
Lifestyle: terrestrial but will climb (other sites mention them as arboreal, thus the higher tank)

Apparently they are good for beginners as myself and should do well in groups.
I had that exact morph 1.1 and I know some other hobbyists with a trio, so yes, three should be fine. That upgraded size vivarium that you have chosen is very good as well. That morph of auratus is large and bold in my experience.

Congratulations ! Your first dart frogs

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:Congratulations ! Your first dart frogs

Not yet. Maybe at the end of july... at least that's the plan.

Also: I had 3 dart frogs some years ago, Phyllobates vittatus if I recall, but lost them unfortunately due to a short holiday where I was not at home. I arrived later, checked my animals, and the dart tank was empty. No idea how they got lost, the front door was a trap door, which had to be moved vertically to open it. So I'm still kinda suprised how they escaped...

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