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How to post Internet pics to Dart Den

Want to grab a pic that you see on the 'net to show us, reinforce your argument, add to a discussion, get a laugh from ?

Sure ya do....and here's just how easy it is !

Get to

Type something you want to research pics of- like...."Histrionicus" for instance.

1. Type into your Google browser - "Histrionicus"

2. Then select "Images" on the left side and Google will display 1000's of images of "Histrionicus"

3. Hover your mouse over the image you like and then RIGHT click on the image of the pic that you want to copy and select the LAST option - "Properties"

4. LEFT click "properties" and you will see the image URL in the center of the block that just popped up.

5. LEFT click on that entire URL - holding down the LEFT mouse button - dragging / copying the whole shebang

6. Then Right click and select COPY and you will have the URL

7. Use the 9th icon on the little tray above, when you are in "full editor" mode - making a post. it's labeled 'Img" in the little greyish box.

8. Left click on it and these two little "img" brackets will appear:


9. then RIGHT click and PASTE your saved URL into the tiny space between those two bracketed "img's"

Always credit a photo whenever you can. If it's a generic pic of a Target store bakers rack though, don't bother.

Histrionicus photo by Sean Stewart hosted by blogspot, for instance.

End result is like this:

[Image: D.+HISTRIONICUS+blue.jpg]

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Phil, Whats Dart dart? lol!

Garrick H.

Fixed the rest of it make sense?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Looks good. I just had to give you a hard time.

Garrick H.

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