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cb azureus

I have a lot of cb azureus available. These froglets are growing fast and eating very well. They are about 2 months out of the water. Asking $50 a piece, willing to give discounts for larger orders. I live North of Pittsburgh, PA and could arrange to meet somewhere for pickup. Shipping is $35, live arrival guaranteed!


do you have any pictures of them ??

Here are a couple pictures of the froglets available. It seems that two different colorings are coming out. There are a couple that are darker blue but most seem to be like these two pictured below with the light blue on the nose and back. These are all about 2 months out of the water and are doing very well.

[Image: 11-1402125834T.jpg]

[Image: 11-1402147675T.jpg]

I really like what I see, not too much black coloration, not too little. I have to ask what the CB azureus difference is compared to a D. Azureus. Im new at this so sorry if this is an easy question. How are the personalities of these specific ones, pretty bold and active ? Also, is guaranteed live arrival with the 35$ shipping or is it more ? I live in Austin Tx, I hope that doesnt change things as well.


P.S. Im very interested.

cb = captive breed as in cb d. azureus

D. = dendrobates as in dendrobates azureus

it's easy to get confused with stuff like this when your brand new dont let it worry you

welcome by the way

The parents of these frogs are very bold. Most of the time when I open their tank to feed them they are out looking up and ready for the flies to come falling down. My female does tend to be a little bolder than my male. The froglets aren't as bold but I assume that this will change as they grow and mature. Live arrival is guarenteed with the $35 shipping. Since you live in Texas I'd like to have your zip code to check the weather there. There is a good possibiliity it might be too hot right now to ship to you but I'd be willing to investigate if you were interested.


i live in austin tx. 78705

i live in austin tx. 78705

by the way i have a red eye in there as well, you think that they will be OK?

how much could you do them both for?

I am checking on keeping darts with other species of frogs since I know little about red eye tree frogs. How big is your tank? PM me with an offer as I have about 10 froglets available right now. I might be able to work with you a little but they are $50 each.

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