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Participate in Frogday? Please vote for AFD grant!

Please vote ASAP.

AArk Grant | FrogDay NYC 2011

If you attended frog day, but did not fill out a survey with your email, just provide your dendroboard ID.

thanks again,

Matthew Mirabello & the American Frog Day Committee

The applications are in for the 2011 grant (in association
with the Amphibian Ark). We recieved 4 great applications, and if you attended frog day (or donated to amphibian ark via the link on the frog day page) you are
eligible to cast your vote on which conservation project to support!

Here are the project proposal titles, click the link below to see the full descriptions, pictures, and to vote.

Devin Edmonds
Title: Establishing a Captive Breeding Facility for the Amphibians of
Andasibe, Madagascar
Target Species: Mantella aurantiaca (CR), M. crocea (EN), and additional
species of Least Concern to be used for training and husbandry research.

Felipe Garcia de Camargo
Title: Ex-situ and in-situ conservation of Dendrobates tintorius (blue morph)
Target Species: Dendrobates tintorius (blue morph)

Nicholas Paul Pezzote
Title: Captive Ex Situ Breeding through Captive Rearing Facilities and
Monitoring of Recipient Sites for Five Native Colombian Species of
Target Species: Nymphargus rosada, Cochranella susatamai, Cochranella
punctulata, Cochranella savage, Centrolene ballux

Title: Emergency actions for the conservation of Hyloxalus jacobuspetersi
(Amphibia: Dendrobatidae), a species at the verge of extinction
Target Species: Hyloxalus jacobuspetersi
Voted !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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