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Exoterra Styrofoam Background ok to get wet ?

Hi, my exo terra terrarium kit came with a Styrofoam background. Has anyone ever had any experience with them. I like how they look so I want to keep it, but can it stand the humidity and mistings ? Thank you very much. Big Grin

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#2 will do fine exposed to all sorts of misting and even direct water.

No problems.

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Thank you very much.

Cer Was Here!
0.0.3 "Chocolate" Leucomelas

I suck at carving great stuff, getting better, but still suck. What I've done on a number of tanks now is hardscaped the back, and then take the background it comes with and cut along the ridges to make separate "rocky ledge" type pieces.
These I then silicone to the sides of the tank, some I turn sideways etc... to make ledges or jutting out areas if that makes sense. I still silicone and cover with cocofibre, but it makes some ledges, and areas I can mount broms too. Beats a landfill.

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What i have been doing ( after finding a home for styro backround ) is to keep it simple and cut to size enough cork flats to cover back glass fairy well and silicone the back of cork to glass and cure a few days.Then fill in the gaps between cork pieces and around top/side edges with wet ( then squeezed out excess water ) spaghnum moss. Looks alot nicer and climbing plants will grow on this much better! Also broms/orchids can be mounted on cork easily. Before when using the styro backrounds -they will hold up with no problems from misting/spraying. Good luck!

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