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Springtails needing air or CO2 problems...
I used to think that springtail cultures needed air - needed to be opened often, especially with yeast as a food source.

I feed my springtails powdered or raw mushrooms and dry baby cereal so I don't have to worry about yeast creating some kind of CO2 buildup.

I think another plus, is larger culture sizes - like sweater box size, as they tend to be more "stable" than the smaller deli cup cultures.

Overall...I just do not think the containers ever have to have air holes punched or otherwise be opened much at all.

Thoughts ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I keep my cultures in 5qt tupperware sealed with no holes. I feed out of them about every 3 or 4 days and that is the only time they get air and they are always booming. I have been gone for a week at a time with not opening these and have never had a crash or witnessed dead springs in the culture.

BTW- I feed mine dried shrooms ran through the food processor mixed with brewers yeast.

With keeping them in larger containers, I can tell a huge difference in # of springs.
Scott Bryant
I have gone at least 6 months...probably closer to a year without opening or even feeding some springs and while the culture's were sparse and barely hanging on...there were still some live adults in there.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I too have little white temperate springs that seem to do ok when closed up...
But I found the big gray/black didn't do so well. Sad
They always seemed to do better in vivs, (in vivs where the frogs didn't get them anyway.)
So I have been trying this set up. It is fairly well ventilated, yet still wet.
In some, I have tried partially covering the nylon with plastic for less ventilation, and in others, not so much.
So far, so good. For big gray/black springs anyway.


The variabilis crew love them. Smile

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