Poll: Do you think the small Gallery picture should be the newest or random ? - You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
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Poll - Random pic or Newest pic on Board Index page ?

This Poll is for the "Board Index" page or the "2nd" page, i.e not the Homepage. It's the smaller size Gallery pics on the lower left side....again, this is NOT the giant sized POTM in the center of the Homepage.

I added a random pic function that shows a picture from the album on the title page. I can change it to the most recent pic. I have added a poll, let me know what you think. I will change it at the voter's request! ---Corey

The current setting is "Random".

It has come to my attention that some *new* users are signing up simply to use this site as a link for better search standings. As of today, the memberlist cannot be viewed unless logged in. This also applies to viewing a users profile within a forum if not logged in. As always, email is NOT listed in the memberlist and is used solely for member authentication and email digests. It is the policy of Dart Den to NEVER send ANY unsolicited mail. Basically, you only get email if you request it. Management will always contact via PM (personal message).

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