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My main red head Histrionicus breeding pair as kids
I was looking through some old pics and found these (and now that Freddy has sulked back into the shadows it doesn't feel like I'm handing any satisfaction to him by showing him proof :p ), here are some pics of them when I first got them and put them in QT when they were young, you can compare their size to the coco chips, it's interesting to see how some of the spots fused or broke apart as they grew, or how some of the spots stayed small but the frogs grew etc, I put an adult pic of each after the youngster pics:


[Image: DSC01085.jpg]
[Image: histrionicustransporting.jpg]


[Image: DSC01083.jpg]
[Image: histrionicus.jpg]
Fascinating Chris,although i don't understand the freddy ref. anyway Chris how old are they now,how old were they when you were able to sex them ...and was this by body shape,calling,could you enlighten me please. When did they start to breed, did it take long for the clutches to become fertile and did the early youngsters survive? Chris do a pair always take to each other or do you have to ring the changes untill one finds a male and female that like each other,or are compatable is maybe a better way of putting it. Thanks for posting
Nice stuff Chris.

Without somethng for reference or's not easy to tell size, let alone age, from those pics. IMO

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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