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Calcium/vitamin use frequency ?
How many times should you dust your FF's with vitamins and minerals. Should it be every feeding or once a week ?
I dust with one of several different supps - calcs or vits at every single feeding, although I know some people who dust "every other" feeding.

I would think it's very important to dust frequently for growing froglets (especially Calcium for instance) and breeding adults (replenish resources used in mating / reproduction )

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I dust mine everytime with Ca or vits...Usually never the same in a row.....
Phils right, Dust every feeding and rotate your supplements. There is no one perfect fit for the needs of the frogs. Feeding schedules vary but the need for a nutrient rich bug does not. Make sure every meal is providing the essential vitamins and minerals.

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and always note the expiration date on the supplement containers. I rewrite it on the lid with a large black marker.

Although 1 year is the maximum "life" of most vitamins ect, most hobbyist stop using them at the 6 month mark and then buy new fresh stuff.

Always store them in a place that is not hot / humid.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Ok. So I'm guessing i should refrigerate my calcium and vitamins.
125 Wrote:Ok. So I'm guessing i should refrigerate my calcium and vitamins.

Some people do that, but personally I think that's a little overboard. Unsealed refrigerated containers can draw condensation as well.

I just try to keep my supp containers out of the hot / humid part of my frog room. A nice dry cabinet would be just fine.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I dust, for the majority of my collection, every day for three weeks, then skip a week, as to keep them from getting too much of anything in their system. Although, that's primarily my dusting pattern for the more aggressive hunters. For the slower eaters I do it a little different. For my frogs who are a bit slower to munch down some flies I usually dust every time. This is because by the time they are actually eating the flies, a decent portion of the powder has worn off.

I do keep my supplements in the fridge. Not so much for humidity issues, but primarily because it supposedly increases their shelf-life.

As far as humidity goes, I have noticed as my powders start to age there becomes more little balls of nutrient powder in the dust that doesn't break up when it's shaken around the feeder cup. And I'm really not motivated to bust out the mortar and pestle for that small percentage that's gotten that way! Usually, if I notice them, I just tip my feeder cup, after I've added dust, but before the flies, and tap it a little. The balls of nutritional powder fall out first. The rolling helps!

To note, I have noticed I have those little clumps of powder appear much much later when I keep my nutrients in my fridge. The little clump-balls are easy to get rid of, and really don't waste much of your dust by getting rid of them. That along with the fact that if you're replacing your powder every 6 months or so(the dart frog standard), the extra time you get out of your dust by keeping it cool in the fridge, which likely only starts to matter after or close to the 6 month point, makes it not matter too much if you keep it in the pantry, under the sink, in the fridge, or under your pillow.... I would guess in the bathroom it might pick up a little too much humidity, and actually will make a difference. :-)

In summary, other than being kept anywhere too hot or too wet, as long as it's being replaced regularly, it's probably all good!

Also, I not only rotate my rep-cal products, never mixing them on the same day, I also have in my dusting rotation the complete Repashy. So that's a complete rotation every three days.

I don't always stay exactly with what I've laid out here, but I do pretty darn close.

I do think taking a break with aggressive eaters is pretty important though. It is possible, even for humans, to OD on vitamins and minerals. It's not easy to do, but it is possible!
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